When will we stop making these politicians all-powerful?
Published on October 5, 2004 By nashontheweb In Politics
IndiaTimes (www.indiatimes.com) is currently running a poll on who is the most powwerful person in India? The "ballot list" includes politicians as well as businessmen. Nash votes for Mukesh Ambani - the Ambanis have proved over the last 25 years or so that they are unstoppable, irrespective of which party is in power at New Delhi. But as usual, the majority (37%)feel Sonia Gandhi is the most powerful person in India. Ironic, considering that her party's government is dependent on jthe support of just about everyone in parliament other than the BJP. But that's not surprising. Neither is the fact that only 7% of the people consider the Prime Minister as being the most powerful. What is surprising is that 14% feel that President Abdul Kalam is the most powerful person in India - much as I admire him and wish he is able to bring about change, we need to be realistic about what the President can/cannot do under the Indian constitution.

Which leaves us with Mukesh Ambani ( 25%) - the runner-up in this poll. Now that's durable power!

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